About Us

Allow terminally ill people will never again be alonePatients with a free social platform。


Brief introduction

World Cancer Research is a focus on different parts of the world who initiated the anti-cancer composition, World Cancer Research Chuzuo allow people in need to understand the reasons for the formation of cancer will share the latest information about the world of cancer,Also need to know who introduced the anti-cancer recommendations and information flow。


Let's get the Dying patients receive care, Allowing the patient full of fighting spirit; Be wonderful, Winning the disease is everyone's goal。

We will take practical steps to make growing organization, So that different people get a little warm in society。

Any support of our forces launched more growth。 Each step of the growth of each of our time to help those in need power。


  • There are planned free seminar, So that the patient or relatives available resources to assist。
  • Regularly scheduled activities, The patient or relatives are not alone。
  • Group Post, Let the community may be concerned about the patient or relatives to give any necessary support。
  • All patients information confidential, Make you feel at ease。
  • In addition to some outside activities may take (spend limited nature), However, if there are any fees involved will tell us whether or not you decide to go ahead。 Other lectures, Sharing is all free。


The platformDo notOfficeOn behalf of anyWhat quotientINSTITUTIONS, Let those who need to get warmAnd help

We will also look for some volunteer, For the community to make a contribution。

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