When the detection of lung cancer cases are more delays

肺癌會有誤診? 看了你就知Tips:Lung cancerEarly detection can determine whether early treatment,Can be directly about the quality of life of patients。Although the diagnosis of lung cancer in many ways、Very modern,But lung cancer are diagnosed each year is already late。Because cancer disease need to go through cycles of carcinogenic,And carcinogenic cycle is very subtle,long,When break the body's immune defenses after gradually forming。Such as,An area of ​​1 cm tumor cancer cells hide 100 million,Since the cells inside the lungs more have been growing for a long time。In patients with symptoms found,When the last patient was found at the time of diagnosis,Can be a vexing problem。

Can lung cancer early detection? How can,Plus specialty of the treating physician;In early treatment,Or the patient can be cured。Although there are many ways to diagnose cancer、Very professional,But lung cancer diagnosed each year mostly late。When the diagnosis is why in the end when late? What exactly is the problem out of that?

Regular inspection of neglect

Due to the rapid pace of modern life, Make everyone do a regular chest X-ray and other tests too few,For example, every year for a checkup。This allows specialists use methods of investigation to find out the epidemiological data to determine what people tend to suffer into lung cancer,That is need to investigate the so-called high-risk group,These people can provide more attention,Ordinary people also need to instill the importance of regular check body。For example, if early detection、Timely treatment, etc.,Lung cancer is the knowledge to cure hope。

Easy to feel the onset of symptoms

When patients with symptoms appear and suddenly feeling, The cancer cells in the body may have been the "resident" for some time。Because the long-term carcinogenic effects through periods when the growth of cancer,When cancer cells break through the body's immune defense line formed after the start of symptoms。Such as,Tumor area of ​​about 1 cm in size containing 100 million individual cancer cells,Many of them already have a problem, lungs live for a long time。When symptoms,The patient was found out,May have been a vexing problem。

Lung cancerSusceptible to dislocation pneumonia or tuberculosis

due toLung cancerEarly symptoms and pneumonia、Tuberculosis is very close,Plus pneumonia、Tuberculosis and other diseases are also common、Disease,It is not surprising that symptoms of lung cancer misdiagnosed。Especially those who have been suffering from bronchitis、Bronchiectasis patients,General often have a cough、Medical records of patients with hemoptysis,More likely to be ignored or misdiagnosed,So that diagnosis and appropriate treatment must be delayed。and so,High-risk groups such as found in lung symptoms as noted above,Please seek medical advice as soon as possible,And follow medical recommendations,Decided to take a further examination。

Dying of lung cancerThe survival of patients

When doctors diagnosed the cancer patients as "lung cancer late",Most of the patients were involved in endless fear,Death threats feeling arrival。According to statistics showing,In the frontline doctors in treatment of lung cancer patients,Surgical removal of the cancer cells can be used to treat lung cancer patients only 15%,About 5% of lung cancer patients because of tumor location can not be treated with surgery,More than 70% of lung cancer patients with the absence of timely detection of disease,Cause lung cancer can not be taken at a late stage after surgery。Especially when the cancer has progressed to stage IV,Without timely treatment,Survival of patients with the disease in about 3-6 months。

On the actual medical experience,Advanced Lung CancerPatients can not be generalized life cycle。Only in patients with advanced lung cancer with active treatment regimen,Still have the possibility of survival。Two main types of lung cancer non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer。Non-small cell lung cancer after surgery, advanced to the rate of recurrence and metastasis than for high,After five years of operation of non-small cell lung cancer survival rate:Phase I of 44.5 percent,Phase II was 36.1 percent,Only a few in the first III A 30% percent,So the sooner you get treatment for lung cancer and adequate health,The higher the survival rate of patients。

For small cell lung cancer patients is early,If timely surgical resection of the tumor,Plus Biotherapy、Radiotherapy,In the lung cancer has not yet transferred the case to the lymphatic,Three-year survival rate can reach 65 percent,Five-year survival rate of up to 50 percent。But if there is cancer metastasis to lymph cell case,The patient survival rate will decline 15-30 percent。

In general,Can lung cancer survival rate of patients with advanced or so depends on four factors,One treatment is timely,Second, with the degree of tumor malignancy grade,Third, the treatment is correct,Finally, whether at the time of treatmentWith healthand many more。All affect the survival of the rights of patients。Human expect in the near future,With the importance of medical technology progress and human health of the; Have toward one day, Humanity will eventually overcome cancer!


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